Section 37 states that an officer or probationer who is discharged shall be entitled the sum of pension contribution refund plus Central Bank deposit rate.
Note that for defence cases, the above formula applies to commissioned officers or non commissioned officers who have served less than ten(10) years.
Discharge formula for non commissioned officers who have served for more than ten years is as follows:
a) Unreduced Pension
The product of this formula is known as Unreduced Pension.
According to Pensions Act 35 of 1996
b) Gratuity
2/3 x Unreduced Pension x Age factor (to be determined
depending the age at the time of death), Age factor are
tabulated on the third schedule of the Act No 35 of 1996.
An officer can only commute a maximum of two-thirds of the unreduced pension for his/her gratuity.
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What vital documents does the PSPF look for in my file?

Before the file is forwarded to the PSPF, it is important to ensure that it contains the following documents:

(i) Application for appointment form;

(ii) Letter(s) of appointment, confirmation and promotion (where applicable);

(iii) Demotion letter (where applicable);

(iv) Updated Form of Vital Statistics;

(v) Certified copies of marriage certificate(s) and divorce certificate(s) (where applicable);

(vi) Birth certificates or under five clinic cards for children. In the absence of birth documents, affidavits personally sworn in by the retiring officer;

(vii) Names of parents (if any)

(viii) Certified copies of National Registration Card (NRC) for the retiree, spouse, parents and children who are above 18 years old;

(ix) Retirement letter from the relevant service commission;

(x) Payment voucher for terminal leave benefits/application for leave form;

(xi) Clearance certificate (Round Robin);

(xii) Pay slip showing the first pension contribution in respect of married female officers who, prior to 1975, were required to contribute to the then Zambia National Provident Fund; members of the Defense Forces who only started contributing to PSPF in 1990; and, Court Messengers who were only integrated into the Civil Service in 1981;

(xiii)  PSPF Monthly Pension Forwarding Address Form;

(xiv) Contact address, telephone, e-mail, fax in respect of the officer and the next of kin.