Guided by Section 34 (1) reads in part “ an officer who dies after completing twenty years of pensionable service shall be deemed to have retired immediately before the date of his/her death.”
Under section 34 (2), the estate of the officer shall be entitled to the commutation of two-thirds the pension payable in lump sum.
(a) Unreduced Pensions
The product of this formula is known as Unreduced Pension. According to Pensions Act 35 of 1996.
(b) Gratuity
2/3 Unreduced Pension x Age factor (to be determined depending the age limit at the time of death), Age factor are tabulated on the third schedule of the Act No 35 of 1996).
An officer can only commute a maximum of two-thirds of the unreduced pension for his/her gratuity.
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